Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in the saddle again

Well we made it. After a long night of travel we are here and once again I find myself at the foot of the cross praising God for his mercy and grace. After we landed, Drew and I went to ICP, the top vocational school in Honduras, and met with Colin Mclernon who is the Executive Director. The school is mainly a textile and electrial mechanical type school but I now have an even deeper vision...God does not want just another technicion, He wants to grow up men of God to impact the country and the world for Him. Colin offered sugestions to create a positive enviroment and a successful model to follow. Three years ago they started with 30 students and now there are 700. Praise God.

The team is doing well. Please keep Jon in your prayers as his Grandmother passed away today. He is doing well and this was not unexpected but he is sad that he can't be there for the service. We had a great meal and now are off to get some much needed sleep. Pray that we all would wake refreshed and stand at the foot of the cross ready to follow the lead He sets before us.

In the Grip of His Grace

Brian C.O.G Wiggs

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Aaron Geist said...

Many blessings to you all! We're praying for you back this side of the border.

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