Saturday, July 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We left on time Friday morning at 12:15 am, got about 3 hours of sleep on that leg, spent 3 hours in Houston and then flew into Tegucigalpa at 11:00 am. Toncontin airport is considered to be one of the most dangerous airports to land in, but I have to say those Continental pilots know what they're doing. Once again, a very smooth uneventful landing. Of course I did ask the pilot how many airports he lands in that he gets applause for...he said not many!

On the Houston to Tegucigalpa leg of the flight I sat next to a man that works for the Honduras version of the IRS. I asked him how he felt about flying back during all of the chaos and how he felt about the whole Mel Zelaya thing. He said "we are Hondurans!" Then went on to say that after spending 10 days in the US he was very frustrated and disappointed with what the media is portraying. There was no increase in violence in the country, and most people are very glad that Mel was taken out of office. They think exile may not have been the best answer, but most agree that he needed to be removed for his illegal acts.

Yesterday Mel was supposedly attempting to come back to Honduras via a white Jeep across the Nicaraguan border. However, after an hour off CNN en Espanol, even the reporter was agreeing that he wasn't really serious and it seemed to be nothing more than a publicity ploy. The military did not stand down, nor were they aggressive, as were Mel and his supporters.

Anyway, when we got to the airport and I hopped into the Micah van, I had this overwhelming sense of relief, that I was back home. The tears began flowing, it's been so long since I was last here; 16 months. And as we drove through the city to Micah, indeed what I was told on the plane was true. Nothing seems out of the ordinary. There are additional police, no military, no demonstrations, life has returned to normal.

The boys and I took a nap yesterday afternoon while Brian went downtown to watch the soccer ministry Micah does with the street kids. Later we had dinner at Micah and then went back to the hotel and collapsed for the night.

This morning it was up for a 9 am soccer game at AFE (the school across from the dump). I made friends with some of the little girls that showed up. Brian James and Michael played on the playground with some of the other kids. Michael and Miguel have become inseperable. It's really great to see my kids jump right in with the guys here. We all (35 or so of us) then went downtown into the Central Plaza for Wendy's! The street preacher recognized Brian from his last trip in March. Imagine that, Brian made a lasting impression on a fellow evangelist. After walking through the centro we made our way back up to Micah where I am now writing this post.

I posted some photos here. You may need to copy and paste into your address bar as I cannot figure out how to actually add a link!

Monday we will be looking at a couple of houses and will choose one to rent, and hope to contact the owner of the building for the school and secure that.

All is well in Honduras. Thank you all for your continued prayers. We'll post back in a day or two.


inshoch house said...
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DK said...

Exciting! The pictures are great! Looks like you guys have a nice camera to capture the work being down there.

Jon Knapp said...

Nice pictures! Glad to read the update. We have been praying for you.

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