Sunday, October 11, 2009

"Chance" encounters

So, back on the 2nd we put some of our furniture out there on Craigs List to start getting it sold. Today I get a call from this young gal that lives in Albany, about 60 miles from here, about our sofa and loveseat. We chat for a bit, she says they are stopping for lunch and then they'll be up to look at it.

Turns out they are both on fire believers that attend Vineyard church, which reaches out to the homeless and the mentally ill. They know all about Nightstrike and what we do there. I mentioned I read on a blog that I follow that there is a Vineyard church getting ready to break ground in Tegucigalpa...yup, that's one of their sister churches. An hour later, many "I know (them, that, that place)" later, we stand on the sidewalk while they pray for us and our work to come in Honduras, and we pray for them that they would continue to be a light for Christ right here in Albany.

There are no coincidences. Ask Brad Butcher sometime about buying a bed at Costco. God is always on the move, seeking those with eyes and hearts to see Him. What an awesome day.

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Laurie said...

Vineyard? Another one in Tegu? Please let me know about this information. That is my heart. And I sold my house!!!!! If all goes well, I close the last week of November. I am hoping to visit your place of ministry this month with another friend who has a child she knows well at the Micah Project. Anyway, God bless!

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