Thursday, November 12, 2009

En Route Part 1

The last 6 days have been quite a whirlwind and I'm finally getting a few quiet minutes to sit down and make a post. We left Beaverton at 4:30 am on the 6th. God Bless you Mark Mavromatis for being the chauffer at such a crazy hour. And to Mary Hunter, a huge "forgive me" for when you stopped by the night before. I was teetering on the edge of a breakdown trying to get everything packed and together so we could get just a few hours of sleep. You know I love you girl!

So, with about 4 hours of sleep we arrived in LA ready for some fun and escape from reality. Our oldest son, Jake, flew in at the same time. He's a senior in high school this year, on the wrestling team, working at Chili's, very busy with his own life, so we hadn't seen him in 14 months. It was a great reunion on the sidewalk there, waiting for the Enterprise shuttle so we could get our minivan...

But wait, that wasn't big enough for all our bags. Yah, wish I was kidding. We had to upgrade to a full size four door pick up for the 19 bags that we had (3 were Jakes's). The checked bagged fees are killing us, 2 of the 4 legs into the trip and we've rang up $376 in fees. It's kind of crazy to think that we have whittled our lives down to 39 boxes heading to Honduras, 8 full size bags, and 8 carry ons.

After checking in to the Super 8 we went on to Disney's California Adventure and hit the California Screemin' roller coaster first thing. As I've said before, better living through Xanax let me enjoy the ride just as much as my adrenaline seeking boys and it actually ended up being my favorite. We spent the rest of the day in that park and had a fabulous time.

Day 2 was spent in Disneyland riding rides and having fun. I hadn't realized until then just how much pressure we'd been under as I found myself really enjoying the "unreality" of everything. Not having to think about anything in particular, no agendas, nothing that had to get done. The world just kind of ceases to exist when you go through those gates.

We took Sunday off from the theme parks and went to the Van's Skate park in Orange so Jake could do some skating and shopping. Then we headed to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, just to say we'd been there. Out of the mouths of babes, you know, as Michael said "wow, I just thought it would be so much, I don't know, more." Made for a great little discussion on what you choose to spend your life chasing after, fame and fortune, or things with eternal value. I had never been on Rodeo Drive either and was also quite unimpressed. I did make everyone just about hold their breath and keep their hands behind their backs as we looked at the $150,000 sculpture in the porcelan shop, however.

From there we did what every good parent does after dark in LA and took our kids to Hollywood Boulevard and walked the Walk of Fame. Wow, so many freaks in such a short amount of time. People in costume everywhere letting you flash a picture for a price. Gene Simmons, the first version with platform boots and detachable 6" tongue...disgusting; Captain Jack, Michael Jackson. Outside of Madame Toussad's there was a wax Samuel Jackson that totally gave me the creeps. Then we performed our most daring feat of the trip and had dinner at McDonalds on Hollywood Boulevard...there isn't a street vendor in Honduras that can scare us now. And I got to channel my 80's heavy metal days and get my picture by Motley Crue and Ozzy Osborne's stars. Sweet.

We spent Monday at Universal Studios. Jake has been accepted to Highland College in New Mexico and wants to study cinematography. After seeing the sets and the shows, learning how special effects are made and just being on the studio lot, it really just made him that much more sure of the direction he wants to take. "I'm going to work here someday"...I hope you do, Jakey.

Our last day in LA we spent going back on all our favorite rides at Disneyland and California Adventure, ending where we started, on California Screamin. It was a wonderful trip, a much needed break from the hectic schedule we've been on, and an unforgettable time together for all 5 of us. Our last chance at a great vacation before Jake goes off to college, we made it a good one.

Now we are in Phoenix visiting family and getting some rest. Who knew playing in Disney could be so tiring? I did, though, find out that my new knees are amazing! I walked more in those 5 days than I've walked in the last 3 years all together and never had any problem or pain in my leg muscles are another story. It'll take some time to get those back into shape. But it was great to know that the surgeries were very successful and that they'll be able to stand to whatever Honduras brings.

I'll get some pictures posted later today. Part 2 to come...

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The Micah Project said...

Wow! Thanks for the great update. What a wonderful family vacation before your ministry begins here in Honduras. We are ready and waiting on this end!

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