Monday, January 18, 2010

2 months!

Yesterday, January 17th, made 2 months since our arrival here in Tegucigalpa.  Here are some photos of different activities during that time.

Michael's 12th birthday...

Spiderman pinata post Micah Boys!

Children's Rights March in Tegucigalpa

Always be prepared to arm wrestle a Micah Boy!

Brian giving a message at an orphanage.  That's our Marvin Morazan, on Christmas break from college in Costa Rica, doing his best to translate.

Building the dam on the river by our house.  Pipes run from the pond to the yard for irrigation.

Christmas is celebrated on the 24th here with presents being opened after midnight fireworks.

The Pine tree is the Honduras state tree.  It is illegal to cut them down so everyone here has an artificial Christmas tree.  Brian whined about not being able to have a real tree.  Marlon, head of the Leadership house was cutting down a cypress tree in his dad's yard and offered it to us for a Christmas tree.  Presto chango, here's our Christmas Bush!

Christmas Eve in the sun at Villa Linda Miller.

We've seen this girl several times working at the dump.  Can you see her earrings?  In the midst of this kind of life she still maintains a sense of pride and dignity.

Talk about surreal.  While we were ministering at the dump a clown showed up to bring some joy to those that live and work there. 

Hannah Rogers passes out bread and drinks at the dump.  She and her parents, Jonathan and Carolyn, attend Riverwest Church in Lake Oswego and were the driving force behind their church supporting us.  Hannah is taking a 10-week break from her studies in Portland to intern with us at Micah.

Cristofer and Willmer sang some of their songs at Casa Aleanza. 

Juan Carlos, former gang member, used to break into Micah and steal from a child of God!  Here he's helping paint our house.  Soon he'll be learning to weld at Micah Tech School.

I love you man!  Having some fun while building the dam.

Pedro and Brian building the new roof on Jarvin's mother's house.

January 1st-3rd we pulled our first shift as house parents at Micah.  Saturday we took 16 Micah guys to the south coast and the island of Amapala.  The first picture shows some of us on the boat from the mainland to the island. To my horror 3 of the guys jumped off the boat (the 2nd photo) to swim the last 300, not to that land you see in the background, that's looking at them from the side.  They made it with no problem and joined in the soccer game on the beach.  The bottom picture is a "banana boat".  My little guy is in the second seat from the front with Marvin Morazan.  Right after this was taken the boat took off and made a very sharp turn sending everyone flying off the boat.  Brian James was trapped underneath but thank the Lord for Marvin.  He lifted the boat up (dislocating a finger in the process) and pulled Brian out. 

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