Thursday, April 15, 2010

# 1 Thing I'm Thankful For Today

Tile floors!  Living with water rationing is a delicate balancing act.  All of the houses here have a pila, an indoor water holding tank, that is used for washing floors, dishes, clothes, etc.  Many houses, including ours, have an outdoor cistern that gets filled during the two, 16 hour shifts each week that we receive water from the city lines and that is what comes out the pipes for showers, at the sink, and flushing the toilet.  We schedule showers Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  Clothes are washed while the city water is on or it comes from the cistern thereby decreasing the amount available for other needs.  We also fill the pila during those 2 shifts when the city water is on.

Yesterday was our water day.  4 o'clock, no water coming in.  5 o'clock, no water coming in.  6 o'clock, no water coming in...hmmm, did SANAA change the schedule?  Nope, checked the internet, still the same.  8 o'clock, no water coming in...getting kind of nervous here.  Guess we'll have to forego the Wednesday night showers.  Just before going to bed we checked one last time and found we were finally receiving water.  I set the clock for 5 am to turn the water on into the pila.  The last time it was this low it took 5 hours to fill it up due to the low flow rate they make available so I figured I could turn it on at 5, go back to bed and then check the level when I got up at 7. 

The alarm went off at 7 and I walked into the hallway to find about an inch or 2 of water throughout the house.  The pila, which is on the opposite side of the house as our bedroom, was overflowing!  RRRRRRRRRRR!  My quest for efficiency turned into almost 2 hours of sweeping water out of the house.  But thank God for tile floors.  Nothing was ruined, we're not pulling up soggy carpet, and now my tile floors are sparkling clean without any dead ants, cockroaches, or dirt to be found. 

Have a wonderful day finding unexpected reasons to be thankful!

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