Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prayer Requests

This weekend we began our busiest part of the year with 3 teams from the States coming back to back.  Between last Sunday and August 4th we have just 6 days without teams here and I believe we are scheduled to work the weekend during those 6 days.  Please be praying for Brian as he is was just very sick for 4 days and the bulk of the work (for our family) will be falling on him.  He will be working approximately 5 weeks with very little time off.  Please pray for the other missionaries as well, Michael, John and Becca Bell, Jenna, David, and Roger, that the Lord will give us all the strength to make it through these next few weeks, and that He would provide times of rest for all.

Also, please pray for Brian James and I as we stay behind next week while the team from Grace Point heads to Gracias to work with Victor Almendarez. 

Blessings and peace to you all,


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