Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  I hope you had a safe and happy celebration.  Things were quiet here at home but in El Sitio, just a short distance away, it sounded more like Beirut.  Firecrackers are in abundance in Honduras around the holidays and there is one New Year's tradition here that I really kind of like - they build a "doll" of sorts, stuff it with firecrackers, and blow it up at midnight.  It's usually a bunch of old clothes filled with straw or paper and it represents the old year.  Now there's a way to get rid of the past!

Micah's "Old Man" from 2010
Now, are you ready to see something gross?  In one of my other posts I mentioned how much dust and dirt are in the air here, especially during the dry season.  Take a look at 1 day of dirt and dog hair:

Left:  dirt and dog hair from the trap.  Right:  the Swiffer cloth.  Gross

Carolyn Rogers, I can not even tell you how much I love you for sending the Swiffer Sweeper Vac!  I buzz it around the house every day and come up with this much Yuck.  This picture was taken the day after Daisy was here and she had swept and mopped all the floors.  Disgusting.  Another good reason no one has carpets here; can you imagine this amount of dirt going into a carpet every day?  Eeeeewwww.  And this doesn't even include what I get out of the furniture.  Yup, that's right, I use a handy dandy little vacuum on the sofa and loveseat every day as well, and come up with about a tablespoon of just dirt.  Makes you wonder, what y'all are sitting on, doesn't it?

As we start a new year we are, naturally, taking some time to reflect on the last year and plan out the next.  Of course we've seen how our plans don't usually coincide with God's plans, so we're learning to be flexible.  The carpentry and welding classes of the tech school are in full swing and the plan is to formally transition 2 of the guys into management/leadership roles.  Our plan from the beginning was to raise up Hondurans to teach and run the school and then walk away - to work ourselves out of a job.  It is essential for the carpentry and welding classes to be primarily self sufficient without Brian so that he can get the automotive program up and running. 

We also plan  to become more focused with the Micah Mom's, with discipleship and a business venture aimed at them being financially independent within 2 years.  They have been working on their sewing skills but just how viable that is for a steady stream of income, I'm not sure.  Every souvenir shop in the country is filled with sewn goods and I think that should be more of a "gravy" thing, not "bread and butter".  We'll be praying for God's leading in this adventure.

We also plan to develop more formal methods of fund raising - oh yah, everyone's favorite topic.  With Micah 2.0 ready to break ground the annual budget is looking at a sizeable increase and we believe it is time to become more intentional in raising support and supporters.  God has been faithful to provide for the last 10 years and we know He will continue to do so.  Our hope is to be the tools, the hands and feet He uses to work in the hearts of those He wants to be involved in what He is doing at Micah.  It's not us, it's Him.  We just want to be the conduit for His Holy Spirit. 

Brian will be heading to Portland on January 18th for 10 days that include speaking at Mission Connexion Northwest (click on the program download and scroll to page 6), preaching a sermon at Grace Point Community Church, and crating up a BUNCH of donated material for the welding classes and getting it ready to ship.  I will need him to go shopping 1 day while he's there to bring me back a few of my favorite things.  And I'm praying he'll get to spend some time relaxing and renewing with friends.  Color me green, I'm a little envious as the boys and I will stay here and continue the daily grind. 

Speaking of the daily grind, time to get back at it.  Have a blessed and peace filled day!


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