Sunday, July 24, 2011

Being Pitched a Curve Ball

By now some of you are already aware of what I'm writing here.  If you read my last post you know that our time in the states allowed emotions and issues buried beneath a shell of self preservation to come to the surface.

We spent some time in counseling and were advised not to take our boys back to Honduras today.  They are both struggling far more than we knew.  The concern in the psychologist's voice and on his face told us that returning without dealing with this was not really an option. 

Curve ball. 

Since the beginning I have tried to be transparent and honest in all of our trials and joys, and that is what I want to do here as well, without being an exhibitionist.  Here's where things stand:

Last night Brian boarded a plane to head back to Honduras, the boys and I stayed here in Oregon.  Brian will make the presentation for the Rotarians (which is now being covered by a newspaper and tv station!) and then lead the Grace Point team when they arrive Friday.  He will then return to Oregon on August 9th.

The boys and I will begin intensive counseling this week and then we will continue as a family when Brian gets here.  When everyone feels that it is okay to do so, we will return to Honduras.

I can't tell you what long term looks like.  We are looking into the future right now and see nothing but fog.  Wow, that reminds me of Jan Geist.  She always loved the fog.  The counselor said to keep our lamp just 3 steps ahead.  Good advice, not so easy to put into practice. 

Like you have done for so long, please continue to pray for us. 

Peace and blessings,



Laurie Matherne said...

Wow. Sorry to hear about your sudden turn of events. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

Anonymous said...

As you know so well, we all are with you through this walk the Lord has called you on. Life is real and so is He; and so are you four. And so are we. Your comment about Jan saying that "Fog was God's favorite weather" reminds me that He guides through the dark/grey/and light...we are on the boat with you...listening to the fog horns! Praying hard, and ready to "do" as we can.

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