Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tongue Tied

We left Portland last Friday and spent a couple of days in Spokane and then on to Montana to see family, something we really needed before heading back to Honduras this weekend

Tonight Michael and I took my 86 year old mother to IHOP for dinner.  She looks pretty darned good for her age and still walks with just a cane.  Her short term memory is pretty sketchy since her stroke last year, but she's still mom with her sense of humor and that spunk I always loved.

I may write more about our visits later but I need to send a message out to Donna B, our waitress tonight.  At one point during dinner she asked me if we were from Missoula.  We went on to tell her we lived in Honduras and that we were missionaries there and briefly explained Micah.  Donna said that both she and the other waitress were just talking about religion, how they both had come through many of the same things in life and ended up working together at IHOP, and both were at a point in life where they are searching for the truth.  She said she had come to the point that she knew there had to be something bigger than us, something that made it all, but she wasn't sure what she believed.

Instead of telling her what a REAL missionary would have told her, all I managed to say was that I had seen far too many things happen in my life, that they all point to no other possibility but that God is real.  Then I scribbled our blog address down on a piece of paper and told her if she wanted to know what we we did to check it out. 

Donna, if you happen to be reading this, I want you to know what I wanted to say but didn't, that Jesus is alive and real.  That He has taken my ship wrecked life and turned it into a life of meaning and purpose.  That He has healed me from mistakes and heartbreak and given me joy and peace.  And that He loves you too and wants to do those same things for you.  Take a chance, just talk to Him, ask Him to show you Who He is. 

That truth you want to find, it's Jesus.  I hope you find Him.



Tamara Wright said...

You know, Natasha; what we love about you is that are so REAL :)

Mar Michael Abportus said...

This doesn't belong in here, but I couldn't find an email adress.

What is "body off" discipleship. Eager to hear.

Mar Michael

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