Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Since my July 31st post I have been intentionally silent about what is going on within our family.  As I have said on more than one occasion, we strive to be as honest and transparent as possible with everyone that supports and encourages us and the ministry in Honduras, without being immodest or theatrical.  We let you know about struggles within our family because 1) we believe that you, our prayer and financial supporters, have a right to know if things are working well or not, and 2) we need your prayer and encouragement. 

However, our family also needs a certain level of privacy during this time to talk, and pray, and work out practical solutions to the issues that came to the surface.  We do not feel that it is scriptural, necessary, or beneficial for anyone to share publicly every detail of every step that has been taken and is being taken.   But, sharing nothing and then announcing on Facebook that we were returning to Honduras on September 4th was short sighted and has resulted in several “WHAT?” comments and has some people scratching their heads in disbelief.
So, here’s where things stand today:  we have been able to determine what some of the underlying issues are.  We have been in counseling for the last 3 weeks, we are continuing in counseling for the next 3 weeks, and we will continue counseling after returning to Honduras.  We have made changes in areas of ministry that will allow us more time together as a family, to implement the tools and solutions we have chosen in order to address core issues.  We have spent many hours in prayer and in the Word and as a result have seen areas in each of us that we are committed to changing, through accountability partners and surrendering those things to the Holy Spirit’s control.
The Micah Boys always talk about how they are a work in progress.  That’s what this is, a work in progress.  There is no magic wand that made everything all better and we’re ready to go back, as if nothing happened.  Things will not be completely fixed or perfect before we go back.  But we will have solid tools in place so that the work in progress can continue, can grow, and can flourish. 
Why September 4th?  Well, mostly for practical reasons.  The first day of school is August 22nd.  I have spoken with the director who thinks the latest the boys could start and still have a good chance of succeeding 1st term is September 12th, 3 weeks late.  Returning on the 4th will give me 1 week to buy material for 2 pairs of pants for each of the boys, get the material to a tailor and give him time to get them made.  No, I can’t walk into Old Navy and buy a couple of pairs of khakis.  The pants are a very specific color that is just not available in pants you can buy in a store.  School supplies need to be purchased and unlike here in the states, that requires a trip to 3 different stores, or more.  Airfare needs to be purchased 21 days in advance to get a decent price.  The person staying in our house caring for our dogs is delaying his return to the states waiting for us to return to Honduras.  All real life stuff that has to be considered when choosing a time to return.
Man makes his plan.  That is our plan but as Pastor Steve said, the situation is fluid.  That plan will proceed or change as God directs and with advice from the wise counsel we are blessed to have. 

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Mary T Davis said...

You have our love, prayers, and support. Steve & Mary Davis

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