Friday, March 21, 2008

The Adventure Begins

We had a wonderful dinner with Pastor Arnold and his family. It was almost like a welcome home party. Our 5 combined kids played so well together, the language barrier doesn't seem to affect them like it does us "older folk". I am so impressed with the family relationship here, the bond is almost palpable and it gives me a burning desire to have that same thing in my own family.

This is sure to be a roller coaster ride from the way things have started. Along with the joy of spending time with Arnold, we got to see our first real live cockroach. Up until then the only ones I've seen were DEAD and in the insect exhibit at the zoo. But there he was, mucho grande cockaroacha, big as kiwi (well, almost) sitting on top of my plate from earlier in the day. And by the time we got Brian up to the room to save us, it had disappeared into the wall. That led to a night of little sleep while trying to convince a younger Wigglet that they weren't going to come and get him in the night.

So after a meager 3 hours of sleep we were on our way to the airport heading for Tegucigalpa. Or so we thought. There were only 5 passengers...yes, that would be our family and one other person, with reservations. So the flight had been cancelled and we were rerouted on Taca airlines, through El Salvador. We had to fly into another country to get here. So much for my fear of landing in a 737 at the Teguc airport. It is a little strange, though, to actually be able to make out individual people walking down the street for the last 5 minutes of your descent.

The boys are loving it here, playing with the Micah boys and learning how to breakdance on the rooftop patio. I have always felt so blessed to have the children God has given me, but to watch them come into another country and just connect with people like it's just another day, it's just amazing. I am humbled by the simple faith they have that we are walking in God's will and all is well.

And if you ever wonder if God cares about the details in your life, here's a blessing we've already been priveleged to be a part of. Someone donated a laptop computer for us to take with us. They didn't know who it was for, but said that someone in Honduras needed it. So we tucked it in our suitcase, didn't mention it to anyone, and waited for the Lord to show us who it was to go to. At lunch Michael Miller told Brian how Jessica (one of the missionaries here) had recently had her laptop stolen from the van. It was quite upsetting for her, and she doesn't have the financial means to replace it.

Really? Well, do we have a "coincidence" for you...

What a joy it was to walk into her apartment and give her a love gift from our Heavenly Father! She was moved to tears, and told us how earlier today she was recalling in James where we should count our trials as joy, and that she was bowing her knee to God and counting the loss as joy because He would grow her and make her more like Him. And then He so wonderfully rewarded her faith.

Isn't God cool? To know that we serve a God that loves us so much, He truly cares about ALL of our needs. What He wants from us is obedience and faith.

Much love and many blessings to all of you that are "here" with us. Brian will make a post later and add some pictures.

Se hermana in Cristo,

Brian & Natasha

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