Thursday, March 20, 2008

We made it!

Hola mi hermanos y hermanas in Jesus Cristo.

Our plane finally took off from Portland at 2:15 this morning. We weren't in the air 10 minutes before we were all sound asleep. And we made it to Houston with plenty of time to make our connection, about 1 1/2 hours. The flight into San Pedro Sula was very good, a little bit of turbulence but the Lord is getting me used to flying. Brian James and Michael love it.

God has certainly blessed us with some wonderful children. Only 4 hours of sleep and they were little troopers, not crabby by any stretch. We took a taxi to the hotel and had lunch. Brian took the boys swimming and then we all took a much needed 4 hour nap.

What a huge difference there is here in regard to Easter. Almost every shop is closed down from Thursday through Sunday, for Holy week. It's really rather nice to see the reverance for Christ's sacrifice on the cross.

Pastor Arnold and his family came to the hotel and praise God, my Spanish is kicking in! His wife said she was at the womens conference and saw Blanca and Debbie O'Connor.

Thank you all for your continued prayers that I will be able to recall the Spanish I've learned. I am able to communicate fairly well, even got a chance to translate for a woman in the cafe that wanted to order a birthday cake. Hablar Despaso (sp?) is going to be a much used phrase. It means speak slower. I've learned a lot of my Spanish with word association - despaso - this spaz oh! Hey, whatever works, right?

It is overcast and very humid. Temp was about 75 with a bit of drizzle. The boys are amazed at the differences in food, how different Coke tastes for instance, and popcorn. Es muy bien!

Brian and Arnold's family are down getting some dinner while I post this, so I'd better get down there and help translate. We fly into Tegucigalpa tomorrow morning so please pray effective communication, for a productive day, and the our eyes and hearts would be open to the Lord's will for us here.

Muchos gracias!

Se hermana en Cristo,



Brian Eberly said...

Gloria al Dios! So glad you made it, despite the delays! I was praying and will continue to do so.

I'm excited to read you updates!


Darin Swanson said...

Thanks for setting up the blog...great way for us to keep up to date on all your adventures!

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