Sunday, March 23, 2008

He has risen indeed!

He is risen, he is risen indeed! What a wonderful Easter we have had celebrating our Lord's victory over death and Satan, and the joy we have knowing that we share that victory with Him. We went to church with Michael and the team from St Louis and then they all headed down into the streets with fried rice for the street kids. Michael, Brian James and I stayed at the Micah House and made spaghetti dinner for the team. It was such a blessing to be able to serve this way, Bridgetown all over again!

Brian will post about his day that started with a 6 am quiet walk through the Central Park and then ministering to the street kids. He is visibly shaken and, knowing him the way I do, leaving Honduras on Friday will be one of the hardest things he has done.

I am asking prayer specifically for 2 of the boys here...Harvin and Jerson. I talked with Harvin at length yesterday and he is really struggling with his faith right now. He has a heart and passion for the Lord but is finding it really difficult to stay in the word. The adversary is really beating him up with self doubt and depression as he gets ready to leave for college in Costa Rica.

The other boy is Jerson. He is one of the older boys too, and after years of being clean he is having some major struggles with wanting to use again. Please pray that the Lord would fill his life with other things so that there is no time to entertain the thoughts of using. Pray that he would see the destruction that has come into Eric's life since he has fallen back into drug use, and that he would cling to Jesus and flee from the temptations that are in front of him.

He is risen, he is risen indeed. I cling to that hope as I see the enormous need here and the unbelievable struggles these boys face.

Love and blessings to you all,



Brian Eberly said...

He is risen INDEED! Praying for you. Thanks for the updates!

Jon Knapp said...

Wiggs!!!! Thanks for all your updates! It is very cool to read them and pray for you guys.

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