Monday, March 24, 2008

What an amazing God

Well, where to start? Yesterday started at 6:00 am with some quite time in the word followed by a solitary walk throught the down town central park area . Quite different from the Fanno Creek park. The time was an awakening of the senses, almost as though I was able hear the colors and see the sounds. Iwas standing on the cornner and to my left I heard the sound of music. I looked and saw what appeared to be statues of angles swaying and moving towards me; it was a processional headed to the cathedral for the morning mass, complete with Mary and the resurrected Jesus. It was really qiute a sight. From there we went to a church service at Michael Millers church. The pastor preached for about 45 minutes and THEN began with his first point (shhhh, don't tell Steve). After church we ate lunch and headed to the streets for my first Honduran walk about, 26 of us in all took fried rice and water. I really did not know what to expect then one of my prayers was answered as I met Santos a boy from the You tube video. It was truly a God thing he was hungry and sober as the kids could not get the yellow glue since everything was closed for Holy week. We talked and made arangements to meet later this week. We walked a little further into the market where I saw the small children pictured above. My heart, already weak, started to unfold and I placed myself into our Fathers hands and asked Him to show me His glory in this. He is faithful and I saw children smile at the love of Christ being poured out by this group of young people. Then i met Daniel (para de agua - water dog) from the You tube video. He may possibly be the next Micah boy. Pray for him to be set free from the grip of the glue. The night ended the only way it could with 30 or so people on the roof top terrace watching the passion of the Christ, Amen.

Today we headed out to Villa Linda Miller for construction and the possibility of catching up with Eric, the boy we all have been praying for. Again God has a plan I was able to spend the day with him. Tomorrow I am holding the first auto clinic and will teach a few of the boys, including Eric, some automotive basics as we service the Micah truck and van. Several of the young men are very excited about the opportunity. Praise God.

The construction went well and the dirt is dirt. Tell Ted and the rest of the team coming this year that it is an awesome oppertunity not only at the school but all over the city. I will stop for now and thank you all for your prayers. They and palpable and giving us much needed strength. I will let some pictures speak for themselves.

In the Grip of His Grace

Brian (Creature of God)

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