Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2 weeks to process

We've been home for 2 weeks now and had to jump right back in to "normal" life. I've spent some time going over all of the pictures, praying, and really trying to process all of the events.

Brian and I feel that this trip confirmed even more so that God is leading us into full time mission's with The Micah Project. I am so grateful for our praying church. During the trip, and now as we continue to move forward, I have a sense of floating, like in a balloon, being carried by the Holy Spirit as a resuly of your prayers. It was incredibly hard to come back, to leave everyone behind. It is even more difficult knowing that one of the missionaries vital to the street ministry is leaving THIS August. But we must be patient and not rush God's timing.

We are saddened to know that Erick did NOT choose to go into rehab and as a result his family has been cut off from any support from the Micah House. While we were there he asked how come, if so many people were praying, why he didn't quit using drugs? We sent him a letter and told him that he has a will and, therefore, must choose to accept the help that God has placed before him, the help that Michael is offering. But he refused. We continue to pray that he will see his need for rehab and have the courage to go there.

Wilmer ran off to the streets the day after we left. Daniel found him a few days later and brought him back and now they begin the process again. Two steps forward and one step back seems to the be the way progress is made with the kids addicted to glue. And now there is hope that a new boy, Pero de agua, will choose to leave the streets and move to Micah.

I find it incredibly uncomfortable to go into a grocery store now. The extravagance that abounds in the quantity of food we have available to choose from, and then the thought of how much of it goes to waste. It is abhorrent to me knowing that some children have to eat from the scraps they find in the city dump, and others are dying in the place we long to be because their families do not have the means to buy food. I once heard it said that American garbage disposals eat better than most people in Third World countries. It's a tragedy.

And so now we continue the process...the process of preparing to go. Working out a budget, formalizing a relationship with a sending body, preparing ourselves in our relationship with God and within our family, continuing to study the language and the culture, raising a support base. Sixteen months until we plan to be on the ground, long in our hearts, but it will take all of that to prepare.

We will continue to update this blog as our journey continues. Thank you for being faithful to what the Lord has for us all in this.

Love and blessings,


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