Monday, April 7, 2008

It's Harder to leave each time

We are home now and as I reflect back on the last two weeks I find myself still amazed at the hand of God and the way He is at work in our lives. I found leaving Honduras this time harder than ever before, the cultural whiplash that has been present in the past is stronger than ever. My heart is still there in the streets, the dump, VLM and AFE. I expected this but not to this extent, I now feel home sick for the place, we both do.
The trip was full of challenges which we met with the power of your prayers and the grace of God. The dump had to be the most challenging aspect of the trip, people so poor but some richer than you or I. The other day Pastor Steve said to me "poor is a relative term. You or I may have 4 jackets. When we get rid of one or two we start to become poor in respect to the number of jackets we have. But poor is when you have nothing left to throw away." That is where these people are, trying to survive on the things thrown away, those that are of no value to anyone else, including food. This was where I had a real hard time seeing God at work. But, as always, he was there in a form I had not seen through my ethno-centric mind set. It was the compassion of the man living in the dump that was more concerned for my wife who sat in the van crying because of what she was seeing, than the situation he had to face on a daily basis. It was the look of gratitude for a small bag of water, the big brown eyes of the children as they came to AFE to play in the water, the eyes of Christ saying "thank you, for what you have done to the least of these you have done to me ." That may seem strange coming from me since I deal with this kind of thing every Friday at B-town but it was different this time.
Two years ago at the orphanage in San Pedro Sula I saw no end to the misery these people faced, for some it is all they have known their entire life. I pray that the Lord leads us to help here with the vocational school for some and for others maybe just showing up to say Hi, can your kids come play in the pools at AFE or come and fly a kite. And with the humbleness of Christ they say thank you. Poor by the standards of the world maybe but richer than any I have ever met.
I would like to thank all who had a part in sending us, together we are the body and united we can make contact and have an impact for the Glory of God. Natasha will post a final soon. Pray for us as we seek His will as to when to move and as I prepare to go back with the team in June.

Seeking His Will,

Brian Wiggs -Creature of God

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