Saturday, July 5, 2008

Spending a week with God

The photo's here represent just some of what happened. The week was filled with the Holy Spirt and the team's emotions ran the gamut of joy, compassion, anger, fear, sadness, hope and hopelessness. Tuesday morning I found myself en route to the first of 3 meetings with people in the automotive industry, set up by Drew Smith, a brother from St. Louis that joined us for the entire trip. Little did I know that these people would be family members of former Presidents of Honduras, like Elaina Floras who's father was President when Mitch blew through in 1998. The meetings went well But it was hard to be separated from the team in the mornings and I felt like I was drinking from a fire hose. I finally released it to God and settled down into His plan. It was an amazing release as I watched God work in the hearts of the people we met with, all of whom were excited about the vocational school.

We then went to villa Linda Miller were the team was involved with construction and VBS. I gathered up the team that was to go to the market to minister to the kids in the street and "Bridgetown Honduras" was born. We went in with hot water and foot washing basins, food and the love of Christ. Lead by Dan, one of the missionaires at Micah, it was primal and raw but truly amazing.

Brian N. and I met with Carlos again that night at Micah and Brian shared his story. We talked for a couple hours building a relationship centered on Christ finishing at 11:00 pm. Another day with God ended. The trip continued to go this way, constantly walking in the Spirt, morning meetings, and afternoons filled with ministry. The third night, Friday, we went to meet with Carlos and I felt the prompting to take Amy along to share with Carlos. It was an impact full time again, as you can see in the pictures. Carlos accepted Christ. but not only Carlos but his friend Marico. Saturday morning they came for breakfast with us and I shared about baptism. They both wanted to be baptized and as we were preparing to do this Amy asked if she could be baptized as well. So at 8:30 am we entered the water the lord had prepared before hand and all three gave an outward sign of an inward change the Lord had done in their hearts. I asked Carlos who he wanted to baptize him he said "it didn't matter the Holy Spirit had already Baptized him". He truly got it.

That is just one of the stories God wrote that week. Several others are still unwinding in my head and as I process them I will put
them into words.

I truly think the Lord has called my family and I to this place. I only wish they could have been here as well but that will happen sooner than we think. Pray that we prepare holistically for this journey.

Amy going in

Amy symbolically washed. What an honor! Never before have I been so humbled.

Carlos coming out of the water. Behold the New Man.

The dump. This is a place that needs words I do not have as yet.

Bridgetown in the Market. It was like Burnside on steroids

Some of the children of the streets. Only time and a continued presence of the love of Christ will heal these hearts

Below is a short slide show I put together of the Micah Project and the team from Gracepoint as they duplicated Nightstrike.

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