Sunday, November 9, 2008

Seeds Planted & Dreams Realized

As I expected this trip, so far, has been just like all the rest...AMAZING!! Within the first few hours of landing we were on the streets deep in the market. The children there still hungry, still high on glue, but they rembered something when they saw me in the group and started talking about when we washed their feet. One of them, Cezar, even rembered my name and still had the wordless braclet on. He has been spending a lot of time with the Micah boys but is too old for the program. Perhaps he could be one of the boys I train, only God knows.

I have been keeping my eye on the newest boy at Micah, Hector. He is a young child of 13 years who now has eyes filled with hope instead of the haze of the yellow glue. He likes playing and hugs. It will truly be a blessing to watch him and others arrive to the moment that I witnessed Friday night.

Friday was spent at Villa Linda Miller where the children blessed us with a love feast. So many hugs and to see the church done, built and complete with a floor in 5 weeks, now that is amazing. We had lunch at Flora's house and then went back into town to get dressed for the night. With everyone dressed to the 9's and Union Church decorated we watched as the family and friends of three young men filed in to witness the impossible, a graduation celeberation. "These young men have had a lot of life",Michael said, "in their relatively short time on earth and most of it hard. Now they stand here before me in suits ready to continue on in life equipped by the power of the Holy Spirit to do amazing things." Marvin and Peter (Pedro) preformed an emotional couple of songs and the children did some well organized skits.

Then the young men made the walk that we in the states take so much for granted, the walk across the stage to receive their diplomas. It was very emotional and joy-filled at the same time. Afterwords, we had a reception time and the guests were all so happy. I was in awe of how God had planned the whole night. Juan Carlos, Eric, and Cezar were there and as I watched them I could see a soft determination building in their hearts to see this same thing come true in their lives as well. The night ended with a ride back to the hotel. I chose to ride in the back of one of the trucks as this is where I feel more connected to the environment and the people. As we drove I could not stop thinking about how far these boys had come. Several times along the way I saw people digging in trash and sleeping in doorways, some stumbling around in a drug induced haze. Then I looked through the window of the truck to see Marvin and Oscar sitting in suits smiling from ear to ear holding there future in their hands and the hope of Christ in their hearts, knowing that God can do anything. What a contrast of emotions. As I head off to bed I wonder what tomorrow will bring and I know that if I keep my eyes on him it will be a blessed day.


Mary Hunter said...

I could feel your emotions and that of the Micah boys as I read your blog. What an honor to see those boys graduate. I was just telling my boss this morning that your shoes were meant to walk in the soil of Honduras. Your heartbeat for the hearts of men. You look at the streets of Honduras as ready to harvest. Praise God for your salvation. Praise God for your vision. Praise God for you wife who is willing to go with you!
Many more blessings brother.

MJMV Lil said...


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