Tuesday, November 11, 2008

He Is In Control

Sunday in the streets of
Tegucigalpa is what church was meant to be. We started with prayer and headed out to be the hands and feet of Christ. The street boys were there in the colenade where we had washed thier feet this past summer. As we came in it was apparent that not even Sunday could keep the glue away. The young man on my right is Wilson who is held captive by the power of hunger, fear and the fumes of yellow glue. At times he would seem to have his wits about him then I realized it was only the flight or fight response to life in the streets of the market place. In the blink of an eye they could be taken out by the drugs, another stronger person of the streets, or one of the thousands of busses and cars that make there way through the crowed streets. I feel my heart cry out to God WHY!! and then realize that He is glorifed when we, the body of Christ, reach out with the love that He has filled us with to bring a smile to the lost and oppressed. Axle, one of the newest to Micah, was in this situation just a few short months ago. He led us out of the market and we came to a gate in the wall which lead to an upstairs room where we found his mother and little brother. It was his little brothers birthday and in this room , not much bigger than an office cubicle, I saw the joy of the Lord. Not in the small birthday celebration but in the fact that this young child, who nott too long ago was run over by a bus, was smiling and happy. After we presented some gifts and sang happy birthday I noticed that Axle's mom was truly touched as a tear ran down her face. Although powerful, it was not her emotion that touched my heart but, rather, seeing Axle and the joy that comes from Christ in the restored young man. It was now time to go and as we left my heart was filled with the peace that comes from knowing such a loving God.


Darin Swanson said...

Thanks so much for sharing Brian!

andrew said...

Prepare to increase the diameter of the firehose you are drinking from 2" to 6"

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