Monday, May 18, 2009


May 19, 2009

After months of final touches and finishing up those little things that we never got around to, we were finally able to place a For Sale sign in the yard on Saturday. We had our first open house yesterday and in 4 hours got 4 families and 1 realtor through. Sometimes we live in an amazingly small world...turns out the realtor is a believer that attends one of Bridgetown's affiliate churches. He's been to Nightstrike and knows Brian! It has been a bit stressful and is hard in some ways. Brian has put so much work into our home over the last 9 years. It was truly the neighborhood eyesore when we bought it and now it's actually one of the nicer homes. He's poured much of himself into it so it is proving to be harder for him than he thought. But he is reminding himself that we are called to hold on to things in this life loosely, that everything belongs to the Father. These last few months before we leave for the field will be difficult, pray that we keep our eyes on Christ and the goal and vision He has given us. Also pray that the Lord would bring the buyer He has for our home and that it would sell quickly. I can't tell you how often I hear people say we must be crazy for trying to sell in this market. But we serve a God that is bigger than any housing market.

April 6th I had my first partial knee replacement. Now 6 weeks later I am getting along pretty well. I ditched the cane last week, am using small weights in PT to get some quad strength - somthing I've NEVER had with my horrible knees, and am even starting to go up and down the stairs like a big girl. I now have absolutely no arthritis pain in that knee...I can't remember a time when it didn't hurt. My range of motion measured at 107 degrees today, so I'm only 13 from the goal. I am planning on having the left knee done the first part of August and now, knowing what to expect, should be recoverd by the first of October. It is almost like a dream to think that 6 months from now I could be riding a bike, hiking, doing step aerobics, things I have been unable to do for 5 years, and doing them without any pain. God is good!

May 1st we were blessed to be able to go to St. Louis for a graduation celebration. Marvin Soto and Tino Hernandez were 2 of the very first boys to enter the Micah Project and both graduated from Missouri Baptist with degrees in business administration. How amazing it was to see the picture of Marvin when Michael Miller first met him as a small child in 1993, and now see a distinguished young man in cap and gown. It was quite overwhelming to know that we are going to be used by the Lord to help redeem other boys like Marvin and Tino.

We also had the opportunity to speak to the mission board at Central Presbyterian Church, where Micah began, and share the vision for the school, as well as a few other meetings. It was a great trip and we pray the Lord will move in the hearts of those that heard to support us and the school.

This journey that started 2 years ago has stretched and changed us more than we could imagine, and will continue to do so. Please keep us in your prayers to remain focused and faithful as we push toward the launch date.

Love and blessings to you,


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