Thursday, June 18, 2009

Living in the Middle

After having our house listed as a FSBO for 10 days and only receiving calls from Realtors that wanted to list it, we decided to have a godly man (realtor) in our church handle the sale of the house for us. It was proving to be much more emotional for us than we had anticipated and we believe that removing ourselves from the process is necessary so that the Lord can do His work as He wills. We've had about 10 showings, 2 second showings, and were the 2nd choice of both of those. So, no offers yet but it is encouraging that people want to see it. We are praying for a quick sale, but that is from our perspective. God will bring the buyers He has for our home at the right time.

The kids are out of school now for the summer and having fun. Michael and Dad are on a Monday night bowling league, Brian James is on a baseball team, and they are all having fun swimming in the new Easy Set pool. Brian has gone back to working on cars in the driveway as the work that was promised at the dealership never materialized. This works well with me being at the hospital during the day.

We are coming into an interesting time in our life. Now that there isn't the mad flurry to finish things on the house and that I am no longer doing my medical billing business from home, we have found that we actually have some free time on our hands! It's so wonderful to be able to sit and chat, watch a movie, make home made jam, plant flowers. We feel a renewed sense of peace and comfort. What a joy it is.

On July 24th we leave for Honduras for what we hope is our last "trip". We have been told of a house that is coming up for rent in the area we want to live and will be seeing that. It will be great to see all of the boys and how they've grown. We are planning some ministry, work, but are concentrating on building the relationships with those in the auto industry and with the boys at Micah. Please be praying for travel safety and that the Lord would lead us to the house He has for us in Honduras.

My other knee surgery is tentatively scheduled for August 17th and I am so looking forward to getting it done. The first one feels so much better that I routinely overdo things...I have proven to be a very impatient patient. I can't wait for the day I am able to ride bikes with the kids and power walk the hills of Tegucigalpa.

Thank you all for your continued prayers. We ask that over the next few months you would be praying specifically that commitments for our monthly support would come in so that we will be fully funded October. Our outgoing expenses are 100% funded and approximately $40k in start up costs have been raised for the school. This is all wonderful, and we praise God for this. But we will not be permitted to leave for the field until our monthly budget is also funded.

Love and blessings to all of you!

The Wiggs

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