Friday, May 14, 2010

Okay, so 75 isn't really that cold...

So, as soon as I made my post yesterday I was proven wrong.  It turned out to be a lovely day here in the Portland area, sunny and a perfect 75 degrees.  And Iron Man 2 on the IMAX...absolutely fabulous!  It actually came out on the big screen in Teguc on April 29th but we opted to wait and see it here in English.  Oh, and we also decided not to buy it on DVD from the guy selling movies car to car at the gas station back home. 

Day 3 of driving on US roads and no tickets or arrests yet.  Yesterday watching the traffic move in and around Bridgeport shopping center we both decided it looked as if it was moving in slow motion.  And the traffic is sooooooo quiet.  I had to "beep beep" yesterday once just to take the edge off a bit.  I'm told you can actually get a ticket for "beep beep" -ing your horn here. 

Michael had the chance to go to youth group at church last night and Brian James visited some friends.  Today I surprised my former co-workers...notice I said former not old.  It was great to watch it slowly register on their faces who I was and spend some time chatting.  I sure do miss those people.  Good Sam Day Treatment Center, fabulous, fabulous nurses.

Tonight we get to have dinner with Doctor and Doctor Ferrell, she being the catalyst behind getting me to even consider going on the mission field.  I feel like I'm walking in her footsteps as they also ventured onto the mission field (in Indonesia) in their 40's with kids about the same age as ours.  Now in their 80's and probably just over 5 feet tall each, they are giants in our eyes and we are so blessed to be on the receiving end of their wisdom and guidance. 

More posts to come...



Laurie said...

Glad you are enjoying your time in the States. I am in New Orleans for one more week. I love the smooth roads and the quiet neighborhood I am staying in. Lovely!

carolyn said...

love the website, love to make a comment on 'that' post, but can't find it, loved seeing you. safe travels. the power of his name protect you, his word of truth sanctify you!xx

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