Monday, October 31, 2011

Still Being Real


One of the absolute worst parts about being on the mission field is raising support. If you were to ask all of us what the worst part of our job is, that would be at or near the top of everyones list.

The reality is, it takes money to do ministry. And as much as I hate this part, I have to do it. We need some people to come on board and help out with the money part of ministry.

When we left for the field 2 years ago our average amount of monthly financial support was approximately $5,500 per month. With the administrative fees, monthly health insurance, and taxes, our net pay averaged just over $3300 per month, about 80% of our budget. The shortfall meant no money was going into either travel or emergency savings.

In April we moved from ACTION to CVI to reduce the administrative fees and cover the 20% shortfall. However, since that time our support has steadily declined; we have lost some large monthly supporters due to the economy and our incoming support for October was slightly less than $2,700.  Donations from 17 regular supporters did not come in this month.

We understand that life happens, bills come up and it budgets get tight, so I'm not trying to lay a guilt trip on anyone.  Just trying to keep it real, you know?  Our bare-bones, nothing to spare, bottom line is $3,600, so the math isn't working out so well. 

So I'm asking...if you are able to begin supporting us financially, please do so now.  If you already are a regular monthly supporter, we want to thank for your faithfulness.

Peace and blessings,


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Laurie Matherne said...

Sometimes during the holidays, people forget pledges because they have not budgeted for Christmas giving in their family. It's a hard time sometimes. Remind people that it is tax deductible giving. That's a plus.

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