Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Preparing for February

To all of our current and past supporters,
We want to send a heart felt thank you to all of you that have supported us for the 2 years we've been in Honduras.  Yes, this Thursday marks 2 years since we arrived on the ground!  At times it's hard to believe it's really been that long...other times it seems like a lifetime.  We have been blessed to be a part of the amazing things God is doing through us at Micah Tech and now with the Micah Mom's Bakery.  Truly He has done it all, literally dropping the right things, the right people, and the right places into our laps when the we needed them. 

Last Saturday we presented diplomas in Associates of Science in Welding and Carpentry to the 5 first ever Micah Tech graduates.  It was an almost overwhelming evening as we were able to see true fruit from the labor of the last 2 years.  While we celebrated the accomplishment of those 5, we wrestled with sadness at the sight of Juan Carlos sitting in the back, seeing his former classmates success and knowing that he chose to throw it away.  That is the nature of our lives here, simultaneous celebration and heart ache.

We also presented the Micah Moms with certificates of accomplishment for the work they have done in learning the art of baking bagels, scones, and cinnamon rolls, and announced the planned formal opening of Mama Jo's Bakery the first of the year.  It's thrilling to know we are sitting on the precipise of seeing the realization of what we were called here to do.

Our intention when we came to Honduras was to create these opportunities for the Honduran people and then to release these ministries to them.  We are getting close, but still have work to do.  The first 5 guys have graduated and now need to learn how to be "the guys", those that actually run the school, plan the lessons, make the tests, develop the business to make the school self sustaining. 

The moms have learned how to bake and are ready to start their business, but in order to have long term success they need to learn all the various aspects of running that business.

Which leads me to the reason for this post.  Since our arrival on the field in November 2009, our monthly support has decreased by 24%.  $600 in monthly donations fell off before our move to CVI in April, another $1,045 have dropped off since.  Our support is currently at 63% of our target budget and if that continues we will not be able to stay here and continue this work.  Brian will be traveling to Oregon in February specifically to raise support and in preparation for that, we need to know exactly where we stand and how much needs to be raised in order for us to remain in Honduras.

If you are currently supporting us, first let me say THANK YOU and how much we appreciate your faithfulness.  If you could please respond to by e-mail and let us know if your intentions are to continue to support us in 2012, and at what amount, that will help us tremendously in determining what additional support needs to be raised.

If you have supported us in the past and are no longer able to do so, we understand, life happens.  However, if you could please respond to by e-mail and let us know that you are not able to continue with monthly support that will help us as well and we will remove you from the list of monthly donors.  Of the 24 donors that have dropped off in the last 2 years, we have only received actual communication regarding this from 3.

All glory praise and honor be to Him Who is able to all things,

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