Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 - Here We Go!

Happy New Year!

How else would I start this post, right?  We celebrated our 3rd New Year’s Eve here in Honduras and it was considerably quieter than the others.  Both Christmas and New Years are celebrated here with fireworks…not many of the pretty ones, but lots of firecrackers and what sound like small sticks of dynamite.  This year, however, fireworks were apparently made illegal and while they were still abundant it was evident there were far fewer than the previous 2 years.  Our New Year’s Eve was a tranquil one at home, watching from our back porch the sky that looked like it was illuminated with a strobe light.  It was eerie, in a cool kind of way. 

Like many of you, we spent some time over the last couple of weeks reflecting on 2011, all that had happened, and our plans for 2012.  If you are a regular reader of this blog, you have most likely noticed that there have been far fewer posts since our return to Honduras in September.  This was a conscious choice on my part, as we have been very intentional about seeking the Lord’s guidance in our ministries and for our family, and what 2012 will bring.  And if you are a regular reader you may know that I do not write on a schedule, but only write a post if I feel the Lord prompting me to do so.  It was clear that I needed to be quiet, to spend time in prayer and reflection, and to block out the noise except for His voice. 

From the beginning of this journey our vision and mission was to create the technical school, to raise up a core group of Honduran men to be the leaders and teachers, and turn it over to them.  We had no idea how long that would take and over the 5 years since we began this walk things have changed time and time again, Proverbs 16:9 in action.  We made and make our plans, but the Lord directs things as He wills to accomplish His purposes.  In November we watched the first 5 guys graduate from The Micah Technical School – Franklyn, Edwin, Christian, Marlon, and Fabian.  Their parents came to watch them receive their diplomas, everyone bursting with pride.  And as I saw Brian standing with the 5 for the group photo, I heard the Lord whisper “this is what I called you to do”.  Overcome with emotion I broke down into tears, realizing that I was seeing the fruit of our obedience. 

So what’s next, where do we go from here?  We have always maintained that we did not want to be the Great White North coming to rescue Hondurans, but that we were coming here to raise up and walk alongside Hondurans as they learn to and begin to reach their own people.  Mama Jo’s Bakery got added to the mix last year and, like the tech school, the vision and mission were the same.  Teach, advise, give it to them. 

We have spent the last 4 months in prayer and in counseling and believe that the Lord is leading us in this direction for 2012 (our pastor, counselors, and Michael Miller are in agreement):

  • We are beginning the formal process of handing over both Micah Tech and Mama Jo’s to the Honduran people.  This process will unfold over the next 5 months.  

  • Franklyn will become the Director of Micah Tech, Edwin will be in charge of developing and carrying out lessons and exams, Marlon will take on the pastoral role and be responsible for discipleship and Christian education, and Fabian and Christian will be the main teachers in welding and carpentry.   

  • Aleyda Meza is the Manager of Mama Jo’s and Karen Leyer (a Honduran business woman) was hired to co-manage with Aleyda and serve as Director of Marketing.   

  • We will continue to work alongside them but in more of an advisory role, delegating duties instead of being hands on.

  • In June 2012 our family will move back to the United States.  Brian will open his own auto repair shop to support our family.  

  • All 3 of our children are at a point in their lives where their academic and social needs can not be met here and they would be better served living in the states. 

  • We have committed to working with the 2 ministries for 2-3 years beyond our return to the states, but “remotely”.  Technology and transportation make this a realistic and viable option, something not even conceivable in the world of Missions past. 

  • We will have weekly Skype meetings with the managers of each ministry.  We will travel to Honduras every other month for the remainder of 2012, then once per quarter during 2013, twice in 2014, and then annually from then on.        

  • Having our own repair shop will give us the necessary time flexibility to travel back and forth when needed.   

When we were in the states we were repeatedly counseled to keep our lives in proper order – God first, family second, and ministry third.  This has been our focus in prayer and counseling and we feel that this plan for moving forward in 2012 is God honoring, family honoring, and ministry honoring.  We are not abandoning any of them in favor of one of the others.

Brian will be in Oregon February 11 – March 3 speaking at each of our supporting churches to explain the process in greater detail.  There will be a luncheon or dessert for all of our supporters to give you an opportunity to ask specific questions.  Until then please feel free to e-mail me or send me a message on Facebook and I’ll answer you as best I can. 

We are thankful for you all, for your encouragement and support and pray that you will continue with us in serving the Lord here in Honduras. 



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